Well also Paint interior and exterior Houses on the side time.

This page is to show what we do to raise money for the art supplies and this web-site.

Faux Wood Grain Painting .

Originals & Prints for sale

PH : 561-781-1296


Completion is granted on the date and time Requested

Prices based on the details of the idea and the time to paint on any subject requested.

Estimates cost base on time just to sit down and talk, well that's Free.

Prices base on subject conditions

Estimates for basic Dreams  is free

Completion depends on details, size and weather conditions

Prices base on subject conditions

Estimates for basic Dreams  is free

Research and drawing on Dreams $200.00 non-refundable charge, but well be deducted off mural completion cost.

Minimum cost $550.00


15 S.F      $25.00           $35.00              $70.00         $85.00

25 S.F      $20.00           $30.00              $65.00         $80.00

65 S.F      $15.00           $25.00              $55.00         $75.00

125 S.F    $13.00           $22.00              $50.00         $70.00

over         $11.00            $20.00              $45.00         $65.00

Ceiling work add $5.00 to prices above.

Exterior clear coating , one coat add $2.00 Sq. Ft.

Maintenance clear coat every year, and normal wash.

Lets get creative, the prices below are to help you with cost of a Dream.

Exhibit Paintings  by Artists

Fine things in life are the most wild things in life.

And Yes, We also specialize in Residential House Painting

​​​​Completion of projects 3-5 days depending on weather conditions

Prices based on subjects conditions

Estimates for Dreams is free

50% deposit is required for scheduling and materials

price includes base cost and faux wood stain only

single garage $700.00 double garage $1,100.00 garage with widows add 20 %

front door $ 500.00 both sides $ 900.00 with widows add 10 %

Shutters $350.00 or oversize $450.00 each

clear coating is a maintenance program $100.00 year

Normal maintenance is washing.

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Future artists works are coming soon.