Classic Dreams

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My name is Mark Brown and have been a hobby artist for years in Minnesota after graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

I have worked with musicians on record covers and t-shirt designs for up-coming concerts which includes REM, Prince and even Sesame Street Live and anything that played at the centers. 

I have volunteered in the communities and Art Association in City Art in the Park projects . I was known for my  wild life paintings back in early 90's by  hanging them in the community galleries all over Minneapolis/St. Paul and was awarded People Choice for a couple years.

Now, after retiring from the family business;  and my children have grown into wonderful adults and I have a beautiful grandson it was my time to move to sunny Florida to follow my dreams to become a real artist.

​​We do this because we just like to paint and create art works.


Elise and Jessica Danis,

She has talent and didn't even know it. Both are fresh and up coming artists and do wonderful wall paintings,  also does beautiful work with water colors . Both paint animals and fairies and works wonders with different types of materials.

The Talented Dream Team

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Raymond Papendick. 

This great musician plays a mean Guitar , and Very talented with a brush on painting homes, Loves  to be out doors  and enjoying what he really like to do ,painting and creating works of art.


My dream is to help out our future artists in their first steps to becoming an artist.

This will take some money, so we created this Idea to paint interior and exterior homes. This helps the artist with the cost of art materials and we help them to show and sell their art works in events, community centers and galleries.  We have already created a great dream team................ It's a Start folks!